• Matthew Lerner

Winning Customer Trust (Startup Fast)

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

In 2018, David Attenborough was voted the most trusted person in the UK. (Mr. Bean was #8 and the Queen was #24).

Why is Sir David Attenborough the most trusted person in the UK? Because he narrates nature documentaries? 😏 Nope...

Because, when it comes to trust, humans ignore logic. Instead we rely on heuristics like familiarity, similarity, appearance, and the opinions of others. But you might not know…

One powerful idea: Show your Facebook & Instagram ads to your best most loyal customers (as a custom audience), to get lots of likes and shares. Then, show the same ad, with the same Creative ID, to prospects who will see these likes & shares as reassurance.

Here's an example, 4 pieces of social proof in one ad:

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