• Matthew Lerner

Here's Everything I Know about Hiring Marketers

I’ve spent two decades recruiting and hiring marketers in Silicon Valley and the UK. Here’s everything I’ve learned, neatly packaged together in one blog post.

We all know the talent market is 🔥🔥 and startups and big tech companies alike are struggling to hire great growth marketers. (Except for me. I'm knee-deep getting ready for next Tuesday's Hiring for Growth workshop. It’s free, join us! Especially, if you’re looking to hire your next senior marketer.)

My pre-workshop prep has been a mix of interviewing experts, analyzing the current market and reading through all my previous posts about hiring growth marketers.

I figured I’d share this collection of resources with you to help you in your hiring process. So, here they are, all in one place:

  1. Should startups hire from corporates? - 2 min

  2. How to find “hidden gem” candidates - 2 min

  3. The worst way to start a job description - 1 min

  4. Why you should not hire a t-shaped marketer - 4 min

  5. My growth mindset interview questions number 1, number 2 and number 3. - 2 min’s each

  6. How to hire people with an “internal locus of control” - 2 min

  7. How to decide which role to hire next? - 1 min

  8. How I decide which abilities to hire for (AKA my 50%/90% rule) - 1 min

Bonus: How to run a hiring process that eliminates bias to find the absolute best talent (I didn’t write this, Rachel Carrell @ Koru Kids did - it’s so good!)

One final warning - don’t bet the farm on this marketing hire! Growth isn’t something you bolt-on with some headcount and a budget. It’s literally the sum total of your company’s work. As soon as your product is out there, your “growth strategy” becomes your company’s strategy.

Get the entire team on board with your North Star Metric and run a process of rapid experimentation to find your big levers and build a repeatable system.

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